Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Greatness come after Serving

Thanks to my friend, Chris. you really inspired me and make me to believe God will change our campus, our generation. I was stress out by assignments and exams. Day after days dealing with these loads, Im almost over stress. Anyway, things happen when Chris told that he was also came back from an event in church during the time when i complaining god why make me so tired and suffering. At that moment, i realise that i have companies who is "chucrholic" too, who juz desire in serving god. He pay efforts and time for god's work and salvation for this generation. You make me starting to pray for our class, i mean, pray seriouly and detaily for our classmate's life. Suddenly, i saw a picture in my mind. I saw a group of people holding hands become a circle. I knew they are praying.... pray before entering the exam hall. WoW... I was shock! I ask god, can it happen in my class or in my campus? God dint answer me... but i saw this group of people actually are my freinds.

cheers up my classmate

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mentally torture time

The most torture time for me is when i waiting for miracle happen in my life. Tomorrow is exam... i still doing nothing but spending time to nonsense. In fact, I'm doing something which not usually i do b4 exam... moreover is wasting time.... do i waiting or wasting? Cant draw a line to differentiate....... must overcome the stress.... kick u out S!